MSDS shown are for crop products only please refer to Timber portal for further information.




A systemic insecticide for the control of pests in apples, thrips in avocados, onions, peaches and nectarines and armoured scales in kiwifruit. AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5 L


Insect control in various crops, amenity turf, ornamentals and public health situations AVAILABLE IN 200ML & 1L


For the control of a wide range of insect pests on berry crops, fruit trees, vegetables, pastures, lucerne and fodder crops AVAILABLE IN 10L


For control of many insect pests in horticultural and agricultural crops AVAILABLE IN 10L

Greenseals Pyrethrum

For insect control in various horticultural crops, urban and industrial premises AVAILABLE IN 5L


To control diamondback moth and white butterfly in vegetable brassicas, Kelly’s citrus thrips in citrus, thrips in onions and mushroom flies in mushrooms AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5L


To control mealybugs, scales, froggatt’s apple leafhopper and whitefly on a wide range of crops AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5L

Orthene WSG

Broad spectrum systemic insecticide for use on many vegetables, fruit crops and ornamentals. AVAILABLE IN 1KG


For porina and clover flea control in pasture and sciarid fly in mushrooms AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5L


For the control of mealy bug, wooly aphid and scale in apples, mealy bug and scale in pears and mealy bug in grapes AVAILABLE IN 5L


For psyllid conrol in potatoes and tomatoes AVAILABLE IN 5L

Vantal 18ew

Mite control on avocadoes, pipfruit, indoor tomatoes, strawberries and ornamentals. Leafroller control on kiwifruit and tomato - potato psyllid on potatoes. AVAILABLE IN 1&5L