MSDS shown are for crop products only please refer to Timber portal for further information.




For broadleaf weed control in fodder beet, red beet and sugar beet. AVAILABLE IN 10 & 20L


For selective control of various weeds in maize, onions, peas, potatoes, lentils, lucerne and sweetcorn. AVAILABLE IN 10L

Centurion Xtra

A selective post-emergent herbicide for grass weed control in broadleaf crops and forestry. AVAILABLE IN 5L


For broadleaf weed control in pasture, clover, lucerne and turf AVAILABLE IN 20L

Expo 500

For weed control in pasture, turf, fodder beet and red beet AVAILABLE IN 5 & 20L


For selective grass weed control in autumn and spring sown barley, wheat, perennial ryegrass and pasture AVAILABLE IN 10L


For broadleaf weed control in clover, lucerne, chicory, new pasture and mature pasture AVAILABLE IN 5 & 20L


For the selective control of grass weeds in white clover, forestry, orchards, nurseries, non-crop areas and certain broadleaf crops AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 10L


Pre or post-emergence weed control in asparagus, carrots, lucerne, maize, lentils, peas, potatoes and tomatoes AVAILABLE IN 10L

Neeko Oleo

For grass and broadleaf weed control in grain and silage maize and sweetcorn AVAILABLE IN 5 & 10L


Selective pre-emergence weed control in fodder brassica and peas AVAILABLE IN 10L


Selective herbicide for weed control in certain fruit crops, onions, and shelterbelts AVAILABLE IN 5L

Oxy 500 sc

For weed control in orchards, vineyards, onions, vegetables, brassicas and forest nurseries AVAILABLE IN 5L & 10L


Selective herbicide for use in lucerne, lettuce, clover seed crops, cotula lawns and bowling greens AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5L & 20L


Pre & post-emergence control of annual grass & broadleaf weeds in carrots, parsnips, onions, peas & potatoes AVAILABLE IN 5 & 10L


For the control of certain broadleaf weeds in fodder brassica crops AVAILABLE IN 5 & 20L


For the control of broadleaf weeds in winter and spring sown cereals except oats AVAILABLE IN 1 & 5L


For broadleaf weed control in wheat, barley and oats AVAILABLE IN 20L


For selective control of wild oats in wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops AVAILABLE IN 20L

Tag G2

Fast acting knockdown & residual herbicide for total vegetation control for non-croplands and selected orchard crops AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 20L

Taipan CS

For selective pre-emergence weed control in a range of vegetable crops, maize, wheat and barley AVAILABLE IN 10L


Controls barley grass in pasture AVAILABLE IN 9 KG

Terb 500

A selective herbicide for grass and broadleaf weed control in forestry, non cropland & selected crops AVAILABLE IN 5 & 20L


Selective post-emergence herbicide for grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat and winter sown barley AVAILABLE IN 20L


For the control of blackberry, gorse and many other scrub weeds in pasture, forest site preparation and waste areas AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 20L

Victory Gold

Controls many broadleaf weeds in pasture, turf and amenity areas AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 20L


For weed control in orchards, vineyards and non crop land AVAILABLE IN 5, 20 & 100L


For the control of moss, lichen, liverwort and algae AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 20L

Zelam Activated Amitrole 400

For non-selective controlof many annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and selected brushweeds AVAILABLE IN 1,5 & 20L