Use Description

Active Ingredient

A systemic insecticide for the control of armoured scales, bronze beetle, codling moth, mealy bugs, Froggatt’s apple leafhopper and Fuller’s rose weevil in apples, thrips in avocados, peaches and nectarines, and armoured scales in kiwifruit.

Alpasso MSDS
Alpasso  ESG
Alpasso Label
480g/litre thiacloprid
Cyhella encaps Synthetic pyrethroid for insect control in a variety of crops, amenity turf, ornamentals and
public health situations.
Cyehella Encaps MSDS
Cyhella Encaps  ESG
Cyhella Encaps  Label
250g/litre lambda-cyhalothrin
Danadim Progress For the control of a wide range of insect pests on berry crops, fruit trees, vegetables, pastures, lucerne and fodder crops.
Danadim MSDS
Danadim  ESG
Danadim  Label
400g/litre dimethoate
Diazinon 800 Insecticide for the control of a wide range of common pests including scale, caterpillars, whitefly, mealy bug, aphids, springtails and grass grub on fruit, vegetables and pasture.
Diazinon800 MSDS
Diazinon ESG
Diazinon Label
800g/litre diazinon
Fyfanon 440 EW Controls target pests including black field crickets, aphids, leaf hoppers, springtails, thrips and caterpillars in pasture, field and fodder crops, vegetables, fruit and avocados.
Fyfanon 440 EW MSDS
Fyfanon 440 EW ESG
Fyfanon 440 EW Label
440g/litre maldison
Greenseals Pyrethrum Fast acting natural insecticide for use on fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops.
Greenseals Pyrethrum MSDS
Greenseals Pyrethrum ESG
Greenseals Pyrethrum Label

14g/litre pyrethrins
Kalas To control diamondback moth and white butterfly in vegetable brassicas, Kelly’s citrus thrips in citrus, thrips in onions and mushroom flies in mushrooms Kalas MSDS Kalas ESG Kalas Label 200g/litre fipronil
Mortar For the control of mealybugs, scales, froggatt's apple leafhopper, and whitefly on a wide range of fruit and greenhouse crops.
Mortar MSDS
Mortar ESG
Mortar Label
440g/litre buprofezin
Orthene Broad spectrum systemic insecticide for use on many vegetables, fruit crops and ornamentals.
Orthene MSDS
Orthene ESG
Orthene Label
970 g/kg acephate
Sniper For porina and clover flea control in pasture and sciarid fly in mushrooms.
Sniper MSDS
Sniper ESG
Sniper Label
250g/litre diflubenzuron
Tokuthion For the control of mealy bug, wooly aphid and scale in apples, mealy bug and scale in pears and mealy bug in grapes. Tokuthion MSDS Tokuthion ESG Tokuthion ESG 500g/litre prothiofos and 420g/litre xylene
Tripsol For psyllid control in tomatoes and potatoes Tripsol MSDS Tripsol ESG Tripsol ESG 22.5 g/litre acrinathrin + 12.6 g/litre abamectin
Vantal For mite control on avocados, pipfruit, indoor tomatoes, strawberries, and ornamentals and for leafroller control on kiwifruit. Vantal MSDS Vantal ESG Vantal Label 18g/litre abamectin


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