Use Description
Active Ingredient
Bruno For selective control of various weeds in maize, onions, peas, potatoes, lentils, lucerne, and sweetcorn.
Bruno MSDS
Bruno ESG
Bruno Label
500g/litre cyanazine
Beetrix Broadleaf weed control in fodder beet, red beet and sugar beet Beetrix MSDS Beetrix ESG Beetrix Label 50g/litre ethofumesate + 150 g/litre metamitron plus 50 g/litre phenmedipham
Centurion Xtra Selective post-emergent herbicide for grass weed control in broadleaf crops and forestry.
Centurion Plus MSDS
Centurion Plus ESG
Centurion Xtra Label
360g litre clethodim
Dynamo For broadleaf weed control in pasture, clover, lucerne and turf Dynamo MSDS Dynamo ESG Dynamo Label 17g/litre flumetsulam + 480g/litre bentazone
Expo 500 Controls barley grass and annual grass in pasture and turf.
Expo 500 MSDS
Expo 500 Label
500g/litre ethofumesate
Foxtrot Selective grass herbicide for use on autumn and spring sown barley, wheat and perennial ryegrass to control wild oats and lesser canary grass.
Foxtrot MSDS
Foxtrot ESG
Foxtrot Label
69g/litre fenoxaprop-P-ethyl
Headstart For broadleaf weed control in clover, lucerne, chicory, new pasture and mature pasture Headstart MSDS Headstart ESG Headstart Label 50g/litre flumetsulam in the form of an oil dispersion
Ignite For the selective control of grass weeds in white clover, forestry, orchards, nurseries, non-crop areas and certain broadleaf crops.
Ignite MSDS
Ignite ESG
Ignite Label
100g/litre haloxyfop
Jazz Pre or post-emergence control of weeds in asparagus, carrots, lucerne, maize, lentils, peas, potatoes and tomatoes.
Jazz ESG
Jazz Label
500g/litre metribuzin
Neeko Oleo Unique high strength formulation for grass and broadleaf weed control in grain and silage maize and sweetcorn. Neeko Oleo MSDS Neeko Oleo ESG Neeko Oleo Label 60g/litre nicosulfuron + 480g/litre methylated seed oil adjuvant
Oracle Selective herbicide for weed control in certain fruit crops, onions and shelterbelts Oracle MSDS Oracle ESG Oracle Label 380g/litre oxadiazon
Oxy250 Controls broadleaf weeds and annual grass in orchards, vineyards, onions and forest nurseries.
Oxy 250 SC MSDS
Oxy 250 SC ESG
Oxy 250 SC Label
250g/litre oxyfluorfen
Polka  For the control of annual and most perennial and fibrous rooted grasses and the suppression of sorrel in rye grass, cotula lawns & bowling greens, lettuce, lucerne and white clover crops.
Polka MSDS
Polka ESG
Polka Label
500g/litre propyzamide
Prominent Pre and post-emergence control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in carrots, parsnips, onions, peas and potatoes.
Prominent MSDS
Prominent ESG
Prominent Label
500g/litre prometryn
Pycus encaps For effective control of broadleaf
weeds in fodder brassica crops
Pycus MSDS
Pycus ESG
Pycus Label
120g/litre oxyfluorfen & 40g/litre picloram
Quantum Selective herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in winter and spring
sown cereals except oats.
Quantum MSDS
Quantum ESG
Quantum Label
500g/litre diflufenican
Saxon For broad spectrum broadleaf weed control in wheat, barley and oats. Quantum MSDS Quantum ESG Quantum Label 200g/litre mecoprop-p + 200g/litre MCPA + 70g/litre fluroxypyr
Stratos For the selective control of wild oats in wheat, barley, rye grass and seed crops.
Stratos MSDS
Stratos ESG
Stratos Label
200g/litre flamprop-M-isopropyl

TAG G2 Total vegetation control for non-croplands and selected established orchard crops.
Tag Label

350g/l terbuthylazine, 15g/l oxyfluorfen, 60g/l amitrole & 100g/l glyphosate

Taipan For selective pre-emergence weed control in a range of
vegetable crops, maize, wheat and barley
Taipan MSDS Taipan ESG Taipan Label 480 g/litre alachlor
Teedal Selective control of barley grass in winter pasture.
Teedal MSDS
Teedal ESG
Teedal Label
630g/kg TCA & 110g/kg dalapon
Terb500 Selective herbicide for grass and broadleaf weed control in forestry, non-cropland and selected crops.
Terb 500 MSDS
Terb 500 ESG
Terb 500 Label
500g/litre terbuthylazine
Twister A selective post-emergence herbicide for grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat and winter sown barley.
Twister MSDS
Twister ESG
Twister Label
500g/litre isoproturon
Ultimate For the control of brushweeds.
Ultimate MSDS
Ultimate ESG
Twister Label
25g/litre metsulfuron-methyl & 75g/litre triclopyr
Victory Gold Controls many broadleaf weeds in turf and amenity areas.
Victory Gold MSDS
Victory ESG
Victory Gold Label
50g/litre picloram & 100g/litre triclopyr
Vixen For weed control in orchards, vineyards and non crop land. Vixen MSDS Vixen ESG Vixen label 200g/litre glufosinate-ammonium + 20g/litre oxyfluorfen
Yield For the control of moss, lichen, liverwort and algae.
Yield MSDS
Yield ESG
Yield Label
500g/litre benzalkonium chloride
Zelam activated amitrole For non-selective control of many annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and selected brushweeds.
Zelam Activated Amitrole MSDS
Zelam Activated Amitrole ESG
Zelam Amitrole Label
400g/litre amitrole & 100g/litre ammonium thiocyanate
Zelam CIPC Pre or post-emergence use in onions and lettuce & pre-emergence use in daffodils, tulips, leeks, carrots, parsnips, lucerne and deciduous nursery stock.
Zelam CIPC Label
400g/litre chlorpropham
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