For more than 25 years Zelam has researched and developed smart, new products that meet specific agrichemical and timber treatment requirements. Zelam is a research focused company whose products are trialed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. Zelam respond quickly to local needs with first rate research, testing, product development and enhancements. At the same time we keep an eye on international requirements, and are developing an export market. Our team includes highly skilled researchers and formulation chemists, and sales and technical people with strong industry experience.

Zelam’s manufacturing facilities are world class. Our micro-encapsulation plant, pollen tube growth testing and glueline treatment of engineered wood products are New Zealand firsts. Our products – like TAG G2™, Vixen™, Taratek™ and Permatek™ – are household names. In 2014, Zelam’s $3 million annual investment in chemistry, field trials and analyses was acknowledged by Callaghan Innovation research and development grants.